Free Classes/Bootcamp

At Flexx We have free boot camp classes to test your limits! Classes are 30 min in length and be prepared to do pushups, weights, tire flipping etc. These high intensity classes are for all levels and for both men and women.

Free With Membership

We offer free classes with your membership!! We also offer special classes throughout the year for an additional price!

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Our Classes

Boot Camp

This high intensity 30 min classis for  all levels and for both men and women. We will make you sweat! Break through any plateaus with these free with membership classes. Everything you can imagine,  we will do, all in the private training room!

Cardio Kickboxing

This specialty class runs by sign up only and goes for 6-8 weeks. There is an additional cost for this class and it is run by Rej. You will learn technique, speed, and power all while gaining confidence with self defense and shed unwanted bodyfat while doing so! 

Boot Camp Sessions With Sandy

These in depth sessions run from 6-12 weeks in duration. Learn fitness moves that are effective for optimal weightloss and toning. Measurements are usually taken and tips for diet are also sometimes incorporated. Keep posted for when these sessions run!! Additional fees apply.